Friday, December 13, 2013

Kasuti Embroidery - Peacock

For those of you who are already well versed in Kasuti embroidery, here's a beautiful peacock border.  I copied the design from a saree border.

This design uses the muragi kasuti style (zig-zag) predominantly.

Skill level: If you love challenges go ahead and try this out. But if you are one of those people who give up on a project at the first sign of trouble, this is not for you.

Tip: Work the outlines in the onward journey and work all the side-trips in the return journey. Less confusion that way.

1. Leave a small gap and repeat the double peacock if you plan to use this on a saree border or kameez border.
2. Here's what you can do for a cushion cover.

I plan to use it on an unbleached cotton kurta with a 1/2" blood red band. I am not a fan of the tracing for Kasuti embroidery. I love using the Calico net. I'll blog the steps and progress.

Have Fun. I'd love it if you can share the projects you use this design on.

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