Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Free Online Kasuti Embroidery Tutorial - An Analysis of the Patterns in Session 3

As, mentioned in the previous post, there are similarities in the working of the 4 designs in session 3.  For ease of comparison, let's place the 4 together.

Look at the lines I've circled. They connect 1 block of pattern to the next. You can repeat the pattern any number of times using these connecting lines. These lines dictate why and where you should take a side-trip.
Now, let's examine each sample in turn.

Sample 1: The purple portion, below the connecting line, in the first section of the pattern, leads to a dead end and so, it can only be a side-trip. All the purple lines are dead ends. This decides the path the main journey should take.

Sample 2: Here, when we first look at the pattern with an inexperienced eye, the obvious path for the main journey would appear to be the entire upper portion and then the entire lower portion. 

What will happen when we do that? 

We'll end up working the connecting lines a second time (overlapping) on the return journey.

So, the only way to work this, is to treat the lower half of each betel nut flower as a side-trip and use the connecting line to reach the next flower.

Sample 3:  Here's an alternate path. B=D means, B is the same point as D.  You can work the swastiks the same as in sample 3.3; or work them separately, if you want to use a different colour. 

Sample 4: Here's an alternate method. You can complete the lower part of each gopur (side-trip) and use the connecting line to get to the next. Complete the portion above the connecting lines on the return journey.

Locate connecting lines, understand its role and kasuti is a breeze.

Hope this clears any doubts you may have regarding the tutorials we've done so far. Let me know if you have any problems.


Anonymous said...

Please, make a video on Youtube... your work is beautiful!
But it's a bit difficult ... I would love to learn this!

Thanks a lot!


manilajain said...

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