Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Similarity of Russian Embroidery to Kasuti

I've been was talking about embroidery styles around the world that use the same principles as Kasuti. I discovered Free Historic Old Pattern Books.The website is a treasure house for old patterns lovers.

I've linked to the page that has a book full of patterns similar to Kasuti and Blackwork.  It also has a bit of Assissi Embroidery thrown in for good measure.

Take a look at the images below. Looks like a fusion of styles. Yet, these patterns are unique to Russian Embroidery.

 The picture above could easily be mistaken for a kausti design. But the quill like projections is not a part of a typical kasuti pattern.

The one above looks like a typical Assissi motif. But it's not. The negative space in this motif is filled with the four-sided stitch as opposed to cross-stitch used in Assissi Embroidery.

The one above has a design structure similar to Kasuti Embroidery. But Kasuti embroidery only ever has zig- zag or diagonal or long horizontal lines.  Not curves.

The one above looks like a combination of Kasuti and Kutchwork. But take a closer look at what looks like a typical Kutchwork border.  It's not what it appears to be. Individual motifs are connected by zig-zag lines.

The picture above has the flavour of Spanish Blackwork. Yet it isn't.

Despite these distinctions, the common thread that connects all these styles is that they all employ the Holbein stitch and they are all reversible.

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