Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Free Online Kasuti Embroidery Tutorial - Assignment 2

Here's assignment 2.  If you are comfortable with session 2.2, you should be able to do this.

1.The first design is very simple.  Treat the straight line as the main journey and the design extensions as side trips and side trips within side trips.

2. Tiger's Claw Motif - start at the center and treat each arm as a side trip and get back to the center to start on the next one. If you plan to use the motif as a running design, then you'll have to start at the end of one of the arms.
3. Betelnut Flower- Start at the center.  Each colour represents a side trip that will bring you back to the center. Using this motif in a running design is slightly more complicated.

Using the tiger's claw and the betelnut flower in running designs will be the subject of my next post.

Share if you like this and please feel free to point out mistakes I may have made. Do leave your comments on your experiences in working these motifs.

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