Monday, November 25, 2013

Free Online Course - Basic Kasuti

Teacher: Bhavani Harikrishnan

Title: Fundamentals of Kasuti

Subject: Basic Kasuti Course

Objectives: To understand the composition of any Kasuti Pattern. Learn to analyze complex designs and to break them down into easily workable units.

Materials Needed: Embroidery frame, fabric, yarn, needles, tracing paper, yellow or white carbon.

Course Format:
This course is divided into 5 sessions

Session 1: Will take you through the Basic concepts of Kasuti
3.    Closed Motif 

Assignment 1: The Serpent Coil Border

Session 2: Introduction to side trips
1. A Simple Motif

Session 3:  Side-trips continued
      4. Border 4

Assignment 3: 2 borders

Session 4: More about side trips 
1. Square Border 1
2. Square Border 2

Assignment 4: 
1. 2 motifs
2. Convert the following two sided corner designs into a square one and work it on a sample. Each side should have at least 4 repetitions of the basic design elements.

Session 5: Introduction to complex patterns
1. Motif 1

Assignment 5: 3 complex motifs

Assessment: Students can post pictures of their work on their blogs and send me the link. 
Commencement: 25th Nov 2013
Duration: 16-20 weeks


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this wonderful tutorial on Kasuthi- I have been wanting to learn the technique for quite sometime- this is the best tutorial I have come across so far! May I make a suggestion- can you provide the lessons in a pdf form that can be downloaded ? (maybe for a small fee??). This way, it becomes easy for reference.

Bhavani Harikrishnan said...

Thank you for the compliment mam. That has always been my dream. But I was put off because people started copy/pasting my stuff to their websites and claiming it as their own. That's why I lost the motivation to do this. Now I am thinking of offering courses on Udemy. In the works