Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Materials Used for Kasuti

Lets start at the very beginning...
These are the materials required for learning Kasuti.

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  1. The graph is used for charting and analyzing complex patterns before we start the embroidery on the fabric.
  2. Kasuti is the kind of hand embroidery in which the designs are geometrical and worked by taking equidistant running stitches by counting the same number of threads at each step.
  3. A special feature of kasuti is that no knot is used – either at the beginning or at the end of each length of thread used.
  4. Another interesting feature of this art form is – no matter how elaborate the pattern, the point where it begins always coincides with where it finishes.
Points to note before beginning
In this tutorial, we will work kasuti on calico net (white net in picture) sewn to the base fabric (pink fabric in picture) to facilitate counting.
Once the embroidery is done, the threads of the net are pulled out.
While it is okay to work kasuti on aida fabric, aida fabric should not be used instead of the net. 
The reason is when the threads of the aida fabric are removed, the stitches on the base fabric will loosen giving the work a shabby look. This is because aida fabric is thick when compared to net.
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