Thursday, December 12, 2013

Free Online Kasuti Embroidery Tutorial Sample 2.1 - Two Tier Motif

Introduction to Side Trips - A Simple Motif
If you are done with the first 3 samples and the assignment, you are ready to venture into side trips. In this session, we'll try to understand the nuances of side-trips.  I've used a different colour for side trips for ease of reference only. 

Let's start this session of free online step by step Kasuti Embroidery tutorial with a simple motif. The style employed here is Ganti.

Ganti Kasuti: The Holbein stitch is worked in straight, vertical, horizontal or diagonal lines.
Designs that Employ this style:  Octogons, hexagons, swastikas (I'll add more as I come across them)

Here's Sample 2.1.
You can download a graph sheet ideal for Kasuti. Just click on Graph sheet to get your copy. Let me know if the link is broken.

 Step 1 is the onward journey + the side trips.

Notice that though 1-3 is a straight line, we work it as 2 lines. All vertical and horizontal stitches are equidistant. For obvious reasons, the diagonal lines are slightly longer.

Step 2 = return journey

Now try working the motif in a single colour. 
If you have any doubts, let me know.

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Shanthi said...

Your tutorials are great and very easy to follow. Thanks! How can I do this on normal cloth? Please advise. Thanks once again.