Monday, July 06, 2009

Copying Content

I had a nasty shock today while browsing the web. I found some of the contents from my Kasuti tutorial copied and posted word for word in another blog and the author was passing it off as her own. There is no possibility of her having copied the contents from the same book I have copied it from as my husband first reasoned - because Whatever I have posted is from my personal notes taken over 15 years of teaching embroidery.

My husband and sons had smug smiles on their faces and if any one of them had said, "I told you so." I would have smacked them. Their constant nagging about other people copying content was one of the reasons why I did not continue the tutorial. Their main concern was the amount of time and effort I was putting into it.

I never worried about copyrights before because thus far I've always found people stumbling on interesting blogs referring readers or directing them to the said blog.
Simply speaking, I never felt the need.

Now it looks like I have to water mark my tutorials and look into copy rights.
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