Friday, November 29, 2013

Free Online Kasuti Embroidery Tutorial Sample 1.2 - A Simple Corner Design

This is the 2nd design in the Kasuti free online lesson. I have used two colours to distinguish the first trip from the return trip.
If you observe the design carefully, you'll notice that I have chosen a design with diagonal lines for this lesson.  But for that, it's basically similar to the first design. Turning the corner could get a bit confusing in the onward journey. Don't think too much. First draw the design on an inch graph and then transfer it to fabric  and start working. Just follow the numbers I've used.

1. Take a careful look at the design once again. The diagonal lines are orange when you start.  But once you turn the corner, they are green. This could confuse you a bit.
2. But this is simply because the diagonal lines are worked initially and left to be worked on the return trip once you turn the corner.
3. To fully understand this, work the pattern once in 2 colours and then once more using a single colour.

If you have any trouble following instructions, leave a comment and I'll help you out.


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