Sunday, January 12, 2014

3 in 1 Design For Kasuti Embroidery

Here's a 3 in 1 design for Kasuti embroidery. 

Skill Level: Sessions 1 and 2 should equip you for this.

I drew these 3 one inside the other to save space on my graph sheet. On completion, I liked the way the smaller motifs completely fill out the space in the center without looking overcrowded.
I used the green lines to help me draw this pattern without getting confused. Often when embroidering on fabric, I use running stitch to draw these lines This tells me exactly where I am in the design and how much further I have to go. There is much less confusion when you break it down a pattern into smaller units.

Let's call the green lines radials. You can use the radial as a pivot if you want to experiment with rotating the pattern. 

Ideas for Variations
1. Rotate the entire design 45 degrees.
2. Rotate only the motif in blue 45 degrees.
3. Position the small red motif in the center around the pattern - one at the tip of each spoke of the radial.

If you have ideas any different from these, I'd love to hear them.

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